MariJo Moore, of Cherokee, Irish and Dutch ancestry
is an author/ artist/ poet/ essayist/ lecturer/ editor/
anthologist/ publisher/ workshop presenter/ seer/ medium.


Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time:
Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe

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Edited by MariJo Moore and Trace A. DeMeyer
Dedicated to Vine Deloria Jr

Exploring Quantum physics in relation to Indigenous peoples' understanding of the spiritual universe, this anthology includes writings from 40 Native writers from various nations.

Interview with MariJo Moore Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time
April 4, 2013
WBAI: First Voices Indigenous Radio

Comments & Reviews of
Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe

 I have been reading Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time..., and it has been one of the greater reading experiences I have ever had. I have only gotten to read excerpts of some and a few shorter ones to Amy (she is blind) so far, but I shared with her on our walk yesterday how I felt about what I spent hours overnight reading. Here is how I see this book when I read it. All these native writers and artists are connected by the threads you have used to connect them to you, MariJo. It is like you are a kind of Spider Grandmother and you have connected each of us with each other with this incredible book, that is this extraordinary web. You gave us the chance to express appreciation to Vine, and all those teachers we have had on our journeys. They came from different places, like us. They came from different tribes, and blood, like us. But they were all indigenous, like us. This book shows this so powerfully. So defiantly. It is like this book is our tribe, our nation, born of struggles we can each identify with and all of us expressing this profound love and respect we have for the Great Mystery of Creation, and the Earth, the Moon, and all the universe. It is born of our connection to those who have made their Great Changes (death), and we share pages with their words! What an honor! And for one of the great poets, maybe her last poem? How humbled I am. At first, those old childhood poisons that Trace writes about clawed at my mind. I heard my inner voice say about me, You shouldn't be in such a book. Who do you think you are? You don't deserve to be is such a book? But I walked outside and the Java plum is losing her big yellow leaves. So many, I thought. And then I looked up and the tree looked so much greener and healthier, and I know that I must let go of those things in life that serve no purpose in my growth, and now I feel proud of my, and my beautiful wife Amy's, inclusions along with each of our brothers and sisters, young and older, and I am also so deeply humbled, and grateful. We live! We are still here! The indigenous perceptions of the world and the universe lives! This book is that living proof. We say it with our experiences. We say it with our hearts. We say it with our intellects. We may have felt isolated, and still might from time to time, but Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time brings us together all at once, and says, We are not alone. These are our people! This is who we are. This is what we do. These are my people! So, if you do feel that notion of being alone conjuring in your mind, pick up this book and hold it over your heart, and you will know, you are not alone. We are here with you.
  And, if you want to truly live, America. To know what it truly means, to love one's country. Of what Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time, is saying.... Take heed!
 Thank you, MariJo, and Trace too, with all my heart for this gift of life.

~~From Contributor Gabe Horn

 This is an interesting, at times compelling, collection of poems, stories, personal essays and declarations. They champion and reflect an understanding of the sacredness and inter-relatednesss of all life. These beliefs not that long ago were dismissed by mainstream American thinking as superstitious and primitive yet they resound with a deep sense of humility, respect and gratitude for all forms of life.
 The book is organised into five parts in and around the theme of indigenous traditions and understandings of the cosmos: the interconnectedness of all life; cosmologies of medicines and ceremonialism; prayers, dreams and visions; stories and weavings; and sacred spaces and spiritual energies These at times are interlinked with commentaries about the theories of life emerging from the work of atomic physicists.
It's a poetic and lyrical dance, a continual weaving and reweaving of the micro and macro.
 Thus Kim Shuck (Tsalagi) when she writes in her beautiful, moving piece `Tangled' in Part Three that she `sings to the world rich with mystery with exploration', to the `trickster state of being', and in particular, those deft lines about the young girl, `small small mystery that she is, (who) doesn't know how to control medicine, she only knows how to be a secret'.
Titles themselves become immediate entry points of reverie, as in Lois Red Elk's (D/Lakota) poem in Part One, `I am related to the Day', where the weather is personalised as a relative in the rich interweaving of life. And in John D Berry's (Cherokee/Choctaw) piece `Green Corn' in Part Two, where `Dawn's Light/Prayers on the Wind' carries the ancestors into the future, the future back into the present.
 Time is cyclical, seasonal, rhythmic, continuous.
 We see that most poignantly in Stephanie A. Sellers (Cherokee/Shawnee) wondrous writing (in Part Three) about her father, who died on 12/12/12, the day of planetary confluences boding the end of one epoch, the beginning of another. Her father `who spent every living hour/governed by the turning of the sun' returning home to the world of spirit on a mid-winter's day. It's a beautiful, sublime piece reminding us of the continual process of becoming, returning, re-coming.
 As MariJo Moore (Cherokee) writes in her introduction to Part Three: dance, speech, prayer are not just things said or done; they are experienced.
 As MariJo Moore (Cherokee) writes in her introduction to Part Three: dance, speech, prayer are not just things said or done; they are experienced.
 Similarly, Mary Black Bonnet (Lakota) in Lel U Kunpi Kin Cante Mawaste (Because we are here, my heart is good) dances and sings with her daughter, not just doing those actions, but being them, being singing, being dancing. `I dance', she writes, `to honor my journey from my people (when I was adopted by non-natives) and my journey back to my people'. And that dance, that going forth and returning, she shows, embodies, is, celebration.
 Hence too Trace A. DeMeyer (Tsalagi/Shawnee) when she tells us in her "Four Souls" in Part Two: `Our purpose here is to "create", not just live' and that are `Our souls exist to journey, to experience, to give thanks'.
 This is also a book of recovery, of remembering, of piecing together that which has been fragmented, dissipated, overwhelmed by centuries of repression, genocide, alienation, separation.
Carole W. Bachofner's (Abenaki) adroit, powerful question (and answer) in her poem We Speak the White Man's Language in Part Three : Where did the language go when the black robes/threw holy water on it? Did it disappear/when the switch was on our backs? Into the trees/into the streams, into our wombs to wait' - are words of an inextinguishable faith.
 Or Kim Shuck when she exalts: I am singing connection to a wildly entangled world.
 Prayer, words, ceremony not only help create a world of beauty and medicine, they are medicine, they are, in Carole W Bachofner's inimitable words, when honoured, when spoken and lived truly, a `clearing, a place for fire'.
 Just as too, Denise Low (Delaware/Cherokee), in exploring the power of words, reminds us `a breathed word is a living being', that life and landscape are textured with language, so that `migration stories are journeys of geography and...the soul'.
 Everything is alive, everything is storied. `We are story stones', MariJo Moore writes in her introduction to Part Four, `on which sacred carvings are added daily'.
 Such words are celebrations, such celebrations and stories pathways to the sacred, to sacred places and sacred spaces. These in turn are repositories of memories, knowledge and, in Vine Deloria Jr's (Standing Rock Sioux) carefully woven words in Part Five, The Spiritual Universe, speak of - and are - relationship, connection.
 Unravelling the Spreading Cloth of Time is a book one can read as a whole or in parts and return to, dip into, like bathing in a clear stream. Often it's the small, deft details that evoke the humanity of writers such as Stephanie A Sellers, where sparse descriptions give us space, allow us to fill in the details the way that dappled sun ripples into leaves, revealing their veins.

-----Keith Mac an Fhigheadair (MacNider) is an historian and clairvoyant and is also studing creative nonfiction at University. He loves being a husband, father and grandfather, as he loves too, the sacred in life. He writes an occasional blog at and can be contacted on twitter @meezeyk.

 "Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time, MariJo Moore and Trace
DeMeyer's brilliant anthology, explores an uncanny tension between
Indigenous understandings of a moral, interconnected universe and the edges
of western science and philosophy that -in time- come to the same

----- Dr. Phillip J. Deloria, Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Collegiate
Professor of History and American Studies, University of Michigan, author
of Playing Indian and coauthor of The Native Americans

 Fantastic! After reading this book I want to find a place where I can sit and listen to all of these authors while they tell all their stories. This anthology opened the universe and all that I have missed growing up this far without these stories, poems, essays, etc. Past present and future do meld in the universe to teach us from one generation to another, and I must admit I had/have a world of knowledge to learn, share and create. I recently learned that my Great, Great, Great Grandmother was Native American and I missed out on sitting with her learning such wonderful wisdom and stories. Please read this book, you will never regret it and I am certain that anyone who reads this anthology will be blessed through generations and open some long-closed eyes. Marvelous!

----Deborah A. Bowles is of Irish, English and Dutch ancestry. She grew up in Winder, Georgia. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Mercer University Atlanta College of Arts & Sciences. She currently lives in Washington, DC. Her work appeared in Birth from Scorched Hearts Women Respond to War in 2008.

Bear Quotes
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"Have you seen the bears dancing on a glorious moonlit night?"
If so, celebrate with them!
If not, change your surroundings."

A book of spiritual aphorisms
8.5 x 5.5/ 48 pages
cover art  © Wabashki Makwa by Steve Hapy, Jr, Ojibwe

Comments & Reviews of
Bear Quotes

 Former Rapid River Magazine poetry editor, MariJo Moore, who is also an author and psychic medium, has published Bear Quotes, the latest entry in her popular "quote" books. "Everything is connected," Moore believes "and bears are a big part of our ecosystem… bears no more belong in cages than humans." Using the spirit of Bear, Moore offers readers pointed, sometimes hilarious, spiritual advice.

"What is a Bear's true purpose of hibernation? "Moore asks. "To visit with ancestors and listen to the music of the spheres."

"Claw marks can last forever," she cautions. "Learn to leave painful situations with your dignity intact; do not hold on to what is pulling away.

Not to take ourselves too seriously, she points out, "Scat is just another word for letting go."

Rapid River Magazine
review by Marcianne Miller

a book of spiritual wisdom for all days
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The entries* in this compilation are based upon spiritual intuitive consultations from the past twenty years. I am gifted with spiritual insight, the ability to be a “medium” for those who have passed over, and have had the opportunity to work with many people who have come to me to ask for guidance, spiritual support, and to contact their loved ones. Though it is impossible for any spiritual medium to claim accuracy a hundred percent of the time, I am blessed with a gift strong enough to be able to be used by Spirit** to help others in times of need.
Some of the subjects in these entries were once considered “taboo to discuss.” That time has passed. We are now in a spiritual shift where we must deal with everything that has happened to us, consider the possibilities of future happenings, and glean wisdom from these to help us continue to thrive in our spiritual progress on this planet.
I do not claim to be an expert on any one subject. I do not claim to be anything other than who I am: a woman who has the uncanny ability to listen to the other side and bring forth messages. I give credit to Spirit for this gift, and for allowing me to be a vessel.
Although broken at times, I am willing to keep going forward during the mending.
The quotes at the beginning of each entry are from my collective writings – some old, some new.
My objective is to help those who can be helped with these insights.
Again, I thank Spirit for allowing me to share.

MariJo Moore, 2011
In the mountains of western North Carolina

** Please note there are four weekly entries for each of the twelve months. I am aware that some months sometimes have five weeks, but in order to use this book during any year, I suggest during the months with five weeks, you choose one of the four entries and use it for two weeks.
** Spirit is used synonymously with God, Creator, Universe and All There Is.

Comments & Reviews of
A Book of Spiritual Wisdom for all days

MariJo Moore wears many hats, as anyone who knows her work can attest. She is sober (a feat of which she is justifiably proud), she is a poet, an artist, a psychic, a mom and grandmom, a woman whose blood is Cherokee and Dutch and Irish.
Moore is a spirit-blessed woman who works with clients near and far to help them settle the disturbances in their lives. She gentles them, admonishes them, instructs them.
That admonishment is also present in her book of wisdom.  At the end of each week's essay is a brief couplet reflecting on the value lessons of that week.  Each one ends with "Be strong"—invitation, advice and warning, all rolled into one terse phrase.
The book is not quite pocket-sized, but still easily transportable. Which is a good thing, because you may want to have A Book of Spiritual Wisdom for All Days close by when the going gets tough.
The little book is divided neatly into months, with an essay for each of the four weeks. The facing page of each lesson is blank for the reader's reflections on the writing and how it may have affected their outlook on the issue.
July. Week One.
Spirituality and creativity are deeply connected in children. This connection needs to be fed if children are to believe they have a place in this world… Inspiring them to produce creative works through that spiritual connection can become one of our greatest joys in life.
Here's one from September—
Week Three.
Whatever you feel is dragging you down is simply trying to get your attention… Time to search your heart and find what it is you should be doing. Time to live instead of exist.
Simple. Direct. Personal.  This book is loaded with opportunities to retool and re-focus our thinking.
In her introduction, Moore gives us a little of the backstory on the creation of this book. She has taken quotes from her other work—you may be familiar with her tiny books, including "Crow Quotes" and "Tree Quotes"—to highlight the theme of each essay. She writes of her gift for working as a vessel for Spirit and speaks of the work she does when she is not writing or creating her collage-art.
I've lived with this little book since April of this year and I pick it up sometimes during my morning meditation time. It is very easy to use—the print is a good size and the book is user-friendly.  Starting with the beginning quote, I pause and think, meditate, pray. Then I move through the essay that follows. Not all of the entries resonate with me but even those are intriguing and give me a more thoughtful start to the day.
This book will also make a good gift for someone going through a challenging time—and who isn't doing that these days? Too often, we find ourselves at a loss to bring comfort and cheer to those we love. Here is a handy tool for the sort of deep work that many of us find ourselves engaging.
And be sure to check out the author picture in the back of the book.  It'll knock your socks off.

A Book of Spiritual Wisdom for All Days is published by rENEGADE pLANETS pUBLISHING and is available at local bookstores or through the author's website at

By: H. Byron Ballard
H. Byron Ballard is an Appalachian woman with deep, gnarly roots in western North Carolina. She holds a BA from UNC-Asheville and a MFA from Trinity University. Her writings have appeared in local and national print and electronic media. Byron is an organic gardener and a beekeeper. She is the author of Staubs & Ditchwater: an Intro to HillFolks’ Hoodoo.

"I am so enjoying your new book: A Book of Spiritual Wisdom - for all days. It so far has been exactly what I have needed every week; when I read each week's guidance, I say how did she know that's exactly what I am thinking, doing, and need!? I find it so helpful and I am doing the homework. It is great!"
- Suzie Engel RN and Healing Touch Facilitator

A Book of Ceremonies & Spiritual Energies Thereof
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From the Introduction:

Humankind and the cosmos are deeply connected. There isn't humankind's existence and the animal and plant kingdom's existence: It is our existence. Humankind is not a superior species, but interrelated with all species, and connected to the universe, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. There are many ways to gain knowledge, to heal, and to gain a deeper understanding of spirituality: One is to engage in ceremony.

These are personal ceremonies. The five cards included are not to be drawn but to be used specifically with these particular ceremonies.

…true happiness comes when one no longer desires or needs but trusts one’s total life to Spirit. This is a feat many of us will not reach during this lifetime, so I am blessed to offer these ceremonies from Spirit. Use them wisely and with deepening respect.

Comments & Reviews of
A Book of Ceremonies & Spiritual Energies Thereof

Printed in Written Heritage and FemSpec magazines, 2012
Finding Meaning in Personal Ceremony; a Book for its Time.

By Suzanne Zahrt Murphy

There are many ways to gain knowledge, to heal, and to gain a deeper understanding of spirituality; one is to engage in ceremony.” – from the Introduction

In a land that cherishes “big,” we could be fooled to think that the slenderness of this book, written by a woman who is Cherokee, Dutch, and Irish, about personal spiritual ceremonies, is of minor significance.
In fact, it is quite significant. MariJo has identified a need, and, with much concern and wisdom and energy, she has brought forth this little book with the blessing of the late Vine Deloria Jr., and others who have followed her work.

She tells us why we need ceremony:

Ceremony is a necessary act to obtain or regain balance with the Spiritual Energies of the universe. The purpose of ceremony is to integrate: to merge one with all of humankind as well as the realm of the ancestors, to blend one with all of creation.”

MariJo Moore's work has always had a spiritual source. Her first books, centered upon nature, gave us small yet powerful inspiration found from her visits to the desert, her kinship with crows, her relationship to trees. In these books, her Native American ancestry and knowledge of the circle of life reminds us to accept all creatures, and that we are only a part of the totality of life.

Our relationship to our spirituality is an always present theme in all of her work, including:

Red Woman with Backward Eyes – a book of short stories; The Diamond Doorknob, in which a mixed blood woman discovers her need to develop and love herself before she can accept the love of others; and A Book of Spiritual Wisdom – for All Days, in which she offers, week by week, thoughts on how to stay strong in the midst of life's challenges.

Lest anyone think that the ceremonies in this book are revelations of tribal secrets, be assured they are not; each tribal nation has its own sacred rites, which are not for sale or for publication, and she reveres and respects those boundaries.
Still, in addition to being a Cherokee writer and publisher, MariJo is also a gifted medium, sensitive to the fact that our secular, eclectic approach to life often leaves us with no practical way to connect our natures to Spirit. For those who have eschewed formal religion, or those who have not, she offers a defining statement about how she perceives this term for something larger than us:

Spirit is used synonymously with God, Universe, Christ, Creator, The Great Mysterious, and All There Is. (pg 4)

Unlike some spiritual “gurus” who want people to follow them, and who want the power and adulation, which such leadership sometimes brings, MariJo remains humble.

I do not claim to be an authority on ceremony. I am a vessel. These are ceremonies devised through intuition and guidance. They are not simple and require utmost belief in Spirit....

She urges us to be patient, to pay attention, andcautions us: “Do not take ceremony lightly, do not make a game of ceremony, and do not use ceremony as a crutch for not taking responsibility.”

So let's take a look at her gift.

Preparation and right attitude

Each ceremony should be first prepared by a proper approach. “Do not carry out more than one ceremony pertaining to a card per moon (per month). “

Always offer tobacco with ceremony. She is not talking about smoking it, but offering it in a ceremonial way (as many native cultures use it) by praying over it; finding a way to put a pinch of tobacco there for the universe to see our gift to it.

Always cleanse a ceremonial area and yourself of any negative energy before performing ceremony.
Smudging with sage or cedar, or burning a white candle is some ways to achieve this obligatory preliminary.


Each card is a visual representation of the particular energy, which is being called to assist.

Cards are: Spirit of Fire (letting go and endings); Spirit of Water (seeking guidance and new beginnings); Spirit of Animals (creativity and countenance); Spirit of Nature (four seasons); Spirit of the Ancestors (gratitude and family cycles).

Explanations and list of what is needed:

With each ceremony MariJo has meticulously provided a list of what is needed to perform the ceremony respectfully and correctly. She explains how the ceremony works for each of the cards.

Throughout each of the ceremonial instructions, she always reminds us that these are personal ceremonies, which require goodness of intention, and patience in the performing. We are encouraged to remain dedicated to our prayer and to the process as it unfolds in our lives.

Ongoing relationship

These ceremonies are not to be confused with magic or witchcraft. They are not to be used to cause our will to affect another's. Nor are they magic shortcuts meant to solely give us what we want. Gratitude and maintaining a proper perspective and an ongoing relationship to the process of unfolding are meant to keep us mindful that we are part of a whole in which we are asking for understanding.

Remember, a ceremony sets energy in motion and the performer may be required to change on one level or another before an outcome can occur.” (Pg 4)

In short, humility and the approach of striving for knowledge are the ingredients we need to participate in these ceremonies, which have been lovingly laid down by MariJo. This is a book that will be used and revered by those who cherish and respect ceremonial practice.

Says MariJo: “True happiness comes when one no longer desires or needs but trusts one's total life to Spirit.”

Suzanne Zahrt Murphy is a writer, artist, and nurse educator. She is of Cherokee, German, Swedish and Scottish heritage and resides in Albuquerque, NM. Her forthcoming book is titled As We Tumble on Your Plain.

Comments from participants of
~ A Gathering for the Teachings on the Spiritual Energies of Ceremony ~
March 24, 2012

"Striking, like a thunderclap and then lightning - the remarkable connection with ancestral spirit is startling and reflecting and guiding me. I feel unlocked. "
Stacy Hope Jones, Writer/Marketer, ~Winston-Salem, NC

"I LOVED the day, the group of women and the interaction. MariJo, this really is a great gift you have, connecting to ancestors, and the conversation, awareness and healing this connection elicits. So important! Please consider offering this workshop again and letting this particular work birth more fully into the world. It's needed and this aspect of your gift has GREAT VALUE!"
Liz Gunn, Writer, ~Asheville, NC

"I appreciate how MariJo used "surprise" objects for us to use to delve into ourselves. The day was very revealing about myself and I very much enjoyed the stories of all in attendance. I appreciated everyone's vulnerability. We all have such tenderness..."
Jane K. ~Asheville, NC

"Good location and venue as well. Lovely energy. Very special to have the individual readings both in ancestral spirit and animal totem medicine.  And the gifts at the end! Plus the Book of Ceremonies and the cards! What a blessing you are, MariJo!"
Wendy Stephens, ~Pisgah Forrest, NC

"This was a great day. I really like the two focus points of ancestral spirits and animal medicine. I think this work is a great energizer to prepare for ceremony."
Christine, ~Asheville, NC

"Thank you for introducing and helping me understand the power of ceremony. I feel that much was clarified for me. Thank you for helping me focus.  Today I feel that much weight and worry was washed away. Once again... thank you for all you do, MariJo!"
Jane Windle, ~Hendersonville, NC

"It was refreshing to be in a circle of women and especially inspiriting (and renewing) to be with those who share a high regard for Spirit, for energy, for healing and doing this type of deep intuitive work. Thank you, MariJo"
Melisa Pressley, ~Asheville, NC

"My expectations of the day were surely met. I had never considered exploring my ancestry for missing pieces. Thank you! I am still feeling healing and empowerment from the day!"
Sandra Boozer, ~Brevard, NC

"This gathering has been a significant time of confirmation of Spirit's working in lives in so many different ways - according to the needs of each."
Jane Y. ~Lake Junaluska, NC

Comments from participants of
~ A Gathering for the Teachings on the Spiritual Energies of Ceremony ~
June 9, 2012

"An amazing, inspiring, enlightening day!  Realizing the connection we have to our ancestors and our ability to change old patterns for them, for us, and for all who come after us is mind blowing.  This gathering came at the right moment in my life and the wonderful energy among the women in the group is deeply appreciated.  You have a genuine gift, MariJo, and you share it with grace and integrity.  My thanks to you."
~Lyndia Stauffer, Asheville, NC

"As a total novice to ceremony teachings, I was fascinated to find that ancestors we never even knew existed can and do still communicate with us to help our contemporaries and descendents.  It was extremely moving and touching as a group of nine participants from various walks of life gathered with MariJo for common purposes, healing and unity.  To see how animal medicine can be used awakened some new perspectives in me as to how I observe the world around me.  A wonderful experience!"
~ Deborah Bowles, Washington, DC

"I feel very blessed to have connected with MariJo. Her workshop was a unique opportunity to stop and heal dysfunctional patterns from past generations. Thank you, MariJo, for doing this work.
~ Sherian Howard, Asheville, NC"

"MariJo is a gifted medium. There is a strong healing component to her work. Her information was accurate, healing, and life-changing. She was able to penetrate the surface and access my core issues and concerns. She also offered practical ways for me to continue to engage and work with the information that she brought through. I highly recommend her powerful work. MariJo’s workshop and her inspired book, A BOOK OF CEREMONIES & SPIRITUAL ENERGIES THEREOF assisted me in locating a much bigger landscape. I grasped that my path is ancestral and what I have been seeking is housed in my bones. Blood memory. I realized the hurt and trauma around my adoption could be transformed into a healing path. I understood I have a choice. I can keep seeking, gathering, turning over rocks and becoming frustrated over information I do not have or I can engage with the energy of my ancestors and the path that has been calling me—the path that has always been there. This doesn’t mean I will quit researching. What it means is I will be grateful for the journey. All of it. In no way am I attempting to simplify or diminish the complexities of adoption. I believe what took place in that workshop was a soul retrieval. I left feeling solid—more present. Here. That sense of solidness continues. Thank you MariJo for the deep work that you do. And thank you for your wonderful book and your ability to walk between the worlds. The information you brought back from the “Otherside” was detailed, helpful and so accurate that it shocked me. I’m still processing."
~ Patricia Busbee, Asheville, NC

Comments from participants of
~ Entering the Past Workshop/Gathering ~
August 31, 2013

"Remarkable energy, discovery, compassion, and sharing. MariJo created a safe and sacred space for exploring the past lives she prepared and wrote up for each of us. It was a wonderful group of women, open and supportive as we recognized themes and patterns carried now into our current lives. Healing takes place on many levels – past, present, and future – as we learn and understand."
~Lyndia Stauffer, Asheville NC

"MariJo's past life workshop is the 'gift that keeps on giving!' There is the amazing day with insights galore and profound recognitions. Then there are days, weeks, months of new insights and ah ha moments still coming from the information given that one day.  The workshop is like opening a door in one's psyche that has been unseen or even bolted shut and now is open, inviting one into a new aspect of oneself to explore and always an aspect that relates directly to issues one is dealing with now. The workshop is so relevant to one's life now, today!  What a gift!"
~Wendy Stephens, Brevard, NC  

As always, MariJo Moore is spot on when it comes to interpreting the past and interweaving it into the present. I always come away from her readings and workshops with more insight into who I am and how I can change the path I'm on to make my journey more open and adventurous.
~Mendy Knott, Poet, Bursnville, NC