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Being a Seer/Medium -- having the ability to communicate with and perceive information from the spiritual realm -- is a gift from Spirit/Creator. Coming from a long line of Celtic and American Indian people of medicine/seers, MariJo has been blessed with this gift, which is a huge responsibility.
For the past thirty years, she has helped many people in private consultations and more recently in Spirit Speaking Gatherings. While others are being given guidance and information, she feels healing in her own life as well.

During this time of seemingly great indifference in the world, there are still ways to receive guidance, to communicate with those who have passed to spirit, and to heal our soul wounds. MariJo offers insight into people's everyday lives, relationships and work situations, as well as helping to ease the pain of losing loved ones.

Please note that everyone has options concerning their lives. The answers that come through MariJo from Spirit can certainly
be used as guidance tools to help with life choices.

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"The amount of invaluable insights and guidance packed into each call with MariJo is honestly somewhat overwhelming – but in a good way. I find myself referring back to my notes and reflecting on what she shared for many months afterward. On one of our first calls, she connected with a dear friend who chose to take his own life. For more than six years, I’ve been haunted by the idea that I could have prevented his death and through MariJo’s gift, I learned there was nothing I, or anyone else, could have done. I clearly felt my friend’s energy and spirit on that call and it lifted such a heavy burden off my soul to connect with him again. MariJo has guided me on relationships, work issues, health concerns, and more. She has even offered guidance on a book I’m writing and, coming from a gifted writer like her, that proved to be extremely beneficial. If you’re fortunate enough to be on a call with MariJo, you’ll certainly laugh, possibly cry, and most definitely come away changed in some way."
~ Heidi S., Lamy, New Mexico

"When I booked my first reading with MariJo, I hardly suspected that there would be a distinct 'before and after' but there has been; the pivot and rapid improvement my life since that and subsequent readings has been remarkable. It's not as though I feel I've abdicated my free will or responsibility, but by having the opportunity and privilege to hear unbiased unvarnished truth coming from my guides-- they do exist! -- I feel liberated and intentional about my future. The information is uncanny and powerful, although of course it takes time and diligence to honor and digest properly because it feels like multiple therapy session on steroids packed into one session of clarity and insight. MariJo refreshingly does not insert her ego into the mix and has the instinct, intelligence and kindness to moderate what she receives to not take me further than what I can perceive, comprehend and accept in that moment. She has gently revealed these truths to me one after another until they alchemized into an accepted new awareness of my authentic path-- I am so grateful!"
~ P. Sable, NYC

“Words seem so limited when it comes to describing what MariJo and her guidance is in our lives. She can address the most human realms — health, relationships, professional challenges — as much as being a teacher regarding the many mysteries of life, traveling to other dimensions, beyond space and time. She peppers the guidance that comes through her with a completely down to earth spirit and a great sense of humor. She is a mirror, a guide, a Teacher in the rarest of ways — with integrity, dedication, insightfulness, and a generosity that form the rarest of Gems. When I speak to MariJo, I have this incredibly warm and reassuring sense of “being Home”, of touching frequencies, realms, a certain alignment and a clarity that center and nurture me in the rarest and most essential of ways.”
~ Nadine Kreisberger, Berkeley, CA

"Having a reading with MariJo is as comfortable and comforting as having a fireside chat with my favorite aunt. I am able to gain perspective on my life through the connection she provides me to my loved ones from the past, as well as gain a better understanding of myself and my loved ones in the present. My readings always end with me feeling refreshed and revitalized!"
~ Melissa C., VA

“MariJo has revealed things to me and the 30 people I have recommended her to that were impossible for anyone on earth to know!!"
~ Caryl Englander, NYC, Chairman of the Board at International Center Of Photography (Inc)

"It all started when a friend told me I “needed a MariJo”. He was right!! I first saw MariJo because she was everything my mother ever told me was wrong - but she was also in a way me. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. Every time I speak to MariJo she tells me everything I need to know - like a wise grandmother - she doesn’t sugar coat it - but delivers the message with love and kindness!! Even my daughter loves her and remarked about how MariJo gives “great advice!” I’ve had readings - shot over quick email questions when I feel lost - and attended some of her workshops. They have all helped me to cast off the guilt I’d been carrying around from trying to be me - to see the magic in the world - and most of all - work towards being the person I’m meant to be. I can’t recommend her enough and am so happy to have found her!! As my friend told me - “Everyone needs a MariJo!”
~ Chef Diane Carol, Hendersonville, NC